5 ways to troubleshoot Bullguard antivirus issues

Bullguard is a leading name in the internet security market this particular software is serving the market from a long time period of more than a decade. The system users around the globe have got good trust in this brand name when it comes to keeping their system safe from all types of malware, Spyware Trojans and viral attacks.

Bullguard has to its credit a huge consumer database, the software always keeps itself well updated and in terms of techniques and also in terms of protection services provided by the antivirus. Bullguard is known for its efficient working design and is also is known for the fast response against all the unwanted harmful elements.

On one hand where the updated technologies and features of the software make it popular among the users then, on the other hand, the same features and technologies to put the user into some or the other technical trouble in order to get that issue fixed it is advisable that the user gets in touch with the technical team and get it fixed. As fixing these technical issues without proper knowledge or assistance is just not possible.

Here we will see how a user can fix some Bullguard related errors and issues, the guide to fix all these issues and errors is given below-

Bullguard or service is not starting – To fix this problem the user should follow the below-given steps –

• See to it that there is no other security software working on the system if there is any such software then get that uninstalled.
• Check your windows services if they are corrupted then get them repaired.
• If your computer is already infected then, in that case, get the infection eliminated.

Bullguard renewed still shows expired- It is often seen that after renewal also the software shows the status as expired in such a case the user should wait for the subscription status to get refreshed automatically, the user can also try logging out and then again logging in the BullGuard account.

Reinstalling or installing Bullguard on another device – For installing or reinstalling Bullguard on another device the user should follow the below-given steps –

• First of all log in Bullguard account on the device on which you need to install the software.
• Press downloads option from “my subscription”
• Then from the downloads folder follow the prompts.
• Then log in your BullGuard account with user name and password.

Bullguard account password recovery – if you need to recover your BullGuard account password then, in that case, follow the below-given steps –

• Get access to your password recovery form.
• Then enter BullGuard user name and then click on the recapcha checkmark.
• Open your Email inbox and search for the password recovery page.
• Then enter the new password twice and then click “submit.”

License key activation procedure – For activation of a Bullguard license key the user should follow the below-given steps –

On a desktop-
• Open the BullGuard program
• Then click “settings”
• Then click “Activate license key”

On an apple operating system –
• On the main screen click the “cog wheel” symbol
• Open the General tab
• Then click “Activate license key”

On an android device –
• In the top right click on the menu button.
• Then click on “activation code”

This blog covers almost all the problems and errors that a user gets to face while working with the Bullguard antivirus software.