How to run an initial scan with BullGuard?

BullGuard antivirus is developed specifically to provide excellent protection against viruses and malware. It is equipped with outstanding features that make it excellent against viruses and unwanted bugs. If you have a doubt that your device is infected with malware or virus then, it is advisable to run an initial scan with BullGuard. To scan your device against viruses or malware, first of all, make sure that you have installed BullGuard on your device.

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You can keep your device completely safe and secure by using BullGuard antivirus. When you install BullGuard, then it is advisable to start the following scans. In this guide, we will discuss the exact procedure to run an initial scan with BullGuard on Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems.

For Apple OS:

Complete Antivirus Scan
• Open the BullGuard Antivirus application from Finder > Applications
• After that, click on Full Scan

For Android OS:

Full Antivirus Scan
• First of all, open the BullGuard Mobile Security app
• After that, tap on antivirus then, Scan my device

For Windows OS:

• Full Antivirus Scan
• Firstly, open the BullGuard program
• From the Antivirus, box click on the drop-down option
• After that, click on Full Scan
• Complete the scanning by following the on-screen recommendations at the end of the scan

It is advisable to keep your device fully charged and use the strong and stable internet connection

PC Tune-Up:

• From the PC TuneUP box and lick on Optimize
• Complete the scanning procedure the suggestions shown at the end of the scan


• From the Vulnerabilities box, click on the drop-down menu and click on Status
• Follow the on-screen promptness within the status monitor window

It comes with some outstanding features that provide efficient protection to your device.


BullGuard provides strong and powerful layered protection for all types of malware like phishing attempts or Trojans developed to steal banking details. It makes short work of ransomware and instantly detects and nullifies advances and new threats.

Vulnerability Scanner:

It helps to prevent the application which might have malware from automatic downloading and identifies the reliability of the applications as well as drivers by examining their digital signatures. It notifies you to the missing security updates and alerts you if you have connected to the unsafe Wi-Fi network. An aesthetically designed simple interface enables you to spot the security errors at-a-glance that can be addressed directly from the interface like applying Windows updates and vulnerable Auto-run settings.

Game Booster:

The award-winning BullGuard Game Booster makes you capable to play in complete safety so that you don’t have to sacrifice security for the performance. In fact, it has been proven to enhance the performance and speed of games. It helps to block the pop-ups and other interruptions to make sure that you always have blisteringly fast and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Next-Gen Antimalware:

The next-gen antimalware allows you intelligent triple-layer protection. It helps to recognize the trusted sites and applications, it also scans continuously for code linked with any malware which is detected is blocked, neutralized, and quarantined. Apart from this, advanced behavioral detection helps to receive continuous daily updates about advanced and new malware to detect and block threats.

The given features will protect your device against any malware, virus, and threats. If you have any queries regarding this antivirus then, call on BullGuard Support UK to get in touch with the technical teams for instant and reliable support regarding any issues.