What is the new BullGuard Internet Security 2020 Edition?

BullGuard antivirus is known for providing comprehensive protection thanks to the regular cycle of the Industry-Leading innovation. Multi-award winning along with triple-layered anti-malware protection is just the beginning. A custom-built secure and safe browser provides excellent security and powerful protection while online shopping and making payments. Advanced machine learning helps to detect and instantly neutralizes innovative threats.

Now, it is upgraded with an outstanding version “BullGuard Internet Security 2020” which is integrated with some outstanding features that provide superior protection to your device. Call on BullGuard Contact UK to know more about this version and how to enable it on your device. In this post, we will focus on the things which are new BullGuard Internet Security 2020 Edition.

Secure Browser:
This is a custom-built secure browser that allows a secure and safer way to browse the internet and a much secure platform from where you can make online payments. The layered protection helps to keep you safe from a vast collection of famous and dangerously damaging browser-based attacks. It doesn’t load plug-ins, cookies or extensions and provides the performance of a browser that you are expecting like address bar hints, shortcuts and many more.

Next-Gen Anti-malware:
Our next-gen antimalware provide you intelligent triple-layer protection. It also finds the trusted sites and applications, it frequently scans for the code linked with the detected malware that is locked down, neutralized and quarantined. In addition, innovative behavioral detection also receives contact daily updates about the advanced malware to detect and to block the threats.

Game Booster:
Award-winning Game Booster of BullGuard makes you able to play the game in complete safety so that you don’t have to sacrifice the security for performance. , it also has been proven in enhancing the game speed. It also helps to block pop-ups and other irritated interruptions and ensures a blisteringly fast and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Advanced Machine Learning:
Advanced mathematical algorithms and deep learning steps provide lighting fast threat detection against emerging, new as well as advanced threats. Multiple learning layers examine malware properties to check malicious code and help to apply the learning to similar code all without requiring virus updates. It also ensures that zero-day threats are identified and nullified as soon as they indulge keeping you secure and safe from new types of malware.

Antitheft: Locate your phone by tracking it
If your smartphone got stolen or lost along with all your important files and data then don’t worry BullGuard is there for you. With BullGuard Mobile Security, there is a chance to track it through the built-in GPS and lock it to make sure that no one can access your personal data, password and financial information. You can do it by accessing your BullGuard Mobile Security Manager account from any Internet Browser.

Parental Controls:
If your children are spending their time alone on the computer and you are undefined about which website they are visiting? BullGuard Parental Controls allows you to silently protect them. You can block access to suspicious and dangerous websites and put search filters in place, checks activity, limit time spent online and even block certain applications to keep the kids safe and secure.

Vulnerability Scanner:
It helps to prevent an application that may have malware from automatically downloading and monitors the reliability of the applications and drivers by checking their digital signatures. It notifies you to miss security updates and also warns you if you have connected an unsafe Wi-Fi network (Public Wi-Fi). An elegantly simple interface allows you to spot security problems at-a-glance that can be directly addressed from the interface like applying Windows updates.

These are a few features and advantages of having a new edition of BullGuard Internet Security 2020. If you are facing any issue while enabling it or with this antivirus software then contact BullGuard Support UK for instant help. The technical teams are available 24x7 to serve you the best.