BullGuard Antivirus: Free VS paid

Just like water is a basic necessity for all the humans for maintaining life similarly antivirus software is a basic necessity for the systems in order to keep them protected from all types of malware, Spyware, Trojans, and viral attacks, a system left without any protection is left prone to all the dangerous unwanted elements which can further cause huge losses to the users on the professional front as well as on the personal front. As an attack from such unwanted elements can lead to the losses of important sensitive data and can also harm the systems beyond repair.

The IT market has a wide range of security software to offer to the users, each and every software comes with a different set of features to offer to the users and thus it is often seen that the user gets confused about which software he or she should buy for the system or the device.

We can say Bullguard antivirus can be an unquestioned choice of the system users as this is software that is working towards the security of the systems from a long time period of more than a decade. Also, over the years this software has got itself developed in every aspect and has always tried to maintain a balance with the increasing demands of the users. But, as a part of the advancement Bullguard has got a free version of itself and two paid versions the free version is Bullguard antivirus free and the paid versions are Bullguard Internet security and Bullguard premium protection.

It is often seen that the users being from non- technical backgrounds often get confused with the services and features offered by all the 3 versions and therefore they fail at deciding which will be the best-suited security software for their systems.

Here we will throw some light on the various features offered by the 3 versions of Bullguard. This will further help the users to easily decide which version of the software they should buy for the security of their system.

Features offered by BullGuard Free Antivirus are as follows –
• Antispyware.
• Anti Malware.
• Ransomware protection.
• Safe browsing.
• Anti-phishing.
• Vulnerability Scanner.
• Game Booster.
• Automatic updates.
• Bullguard account.
• 24*7 Helpline.

The added features other than the Bullguard antivirus features that are offered by paid version BullGuard Internet security are as follows – • Protects up to 3 devices.
• Effective firewall.
• Parental control.
• PC tune-up.
• Cloud-integrated back up.

The Bullguard premium protection is the version that offers the users with the longest list of attractive features and this is the most expensive version offered by Bullguard. This version already has the internet security features the list of added features is as follows –

• Protects up to 10 devices.
• Identity protection.
• Home network scanner.

The list of features of all the Bullguard versions gets us on the conclusion that the free version is suitable for those who are not looking for much in antivirus and all they need is reliable software for fulfilling their basic protection requirements. However, the paid versions of the software are recommended for those who need a lot more than just protection of their systems from all types of unwanted elements. For all such users, Bullguard premium protection and BullGuard Internet security are the best choices.

Bullguard is a brand that is working towards the security of the systems from a long time period of more than a decade and the technical development of the software has not taken a single halt from then till now, even today the technicians are still working towards improvisation of BullGuard Internet security and Bullguard premium protection with a goal of providing the users with the best security solutions.

This blog will help the users in getting a detailed as well as easy to understand overview of the various features offered by all 3 versions of Bullguard antivirus and will further help the users in taking an easy decision as to which version they should buy as per the need of their systems and their workings. However for any further guidance in order to keep away from all confusions the users can connect with the Bullguard experts at Bullguard Help Number UK.