BullGuard Login Issues

Once you install a product from BullGuard, it will request you to login with your credentials. Mostly, it asks for your credentials when you decide to make changes to the account on which you are logged on, when you renew your account or when you reset the password. To begin logging in, go to BullGuard and select the settings option provided in the toolbar. Here, go to the General menu and select Account.

Now go to the login window, where you can enter your password and your username and then tap on the button called Login.

Password Recovery Issue

It is possible that if your login attempt does not go as mentioned above, then the reason for the error is that you are entering incorrect password. Remember that the password is case sensitive and any extra spaces can also cause the error. In case you have forgotten your password, you can always recover it. This will be a boon on the days when you just cannot seem to get the password right.

To go through with this process, you will need to have a working, valid email ID where you can be sent the recovery link for your password.

The Recovery Process

No one other than you actually has access to your passwords. To reset it once you forget it, you can go to the form that will initiate the process by clicking here. On the form, enter your BullGuard email, which is also your username and click on the checkmark that you see. Select Recover Password. This will send a recovery link to the email you entered as your username, so open your inbox (or your spam in case you don’t find the link there) to find an email with the subject line; BullGuard: Change of password. Clicking on the link in the mail will take you to a page where you will have to enter a new password twice. Once you are done, click Submit.

Proxy Settings

In case you use proxy server to access the internet, it is possible that because of the proxy server, your computer will not be able to login. In this case, you will have to first configure the proxy server details for the registering process or login attempt to succeed. Enable the option titled Use Proxy Server in case you do so. This will allow you to put in the details of your proxy server. A proxy port allows you to enter in the port number that is being used for the specific proxy server in question.

A proxy server is supposed to be another computer that is a buffer between all other computers and your computer. So, when you wish to access a particular website, your computer will request the proxy server to access it. The proxy server will then look for that page which will be hosted on a separate computer, it will retrieve it and finally, it will pass it on to your system. The most common use for this is to grant anonymity to the computers, network traffic, filter content or speed up the process of accessing specific resources.

In case you are using a proxy server but don’t know your proxy details, it is recommended that you ask your internet service provider or your system administrator. A lot of proxy servers are protected by details like your credentials, so they are bound to ask for your username and password. These are not widely used credentials, so there will be no major need for you to enter these credentials. Keep in mind that the password and username asked here are not the same as the ones you provide for you BullGuard account.

You also have account options that allow you to enter your BullGuard account automatically, without having to enter in any credentials when you next open your account.

When you use BullGuard with a Separate Username

BullGuard has a database where all of its accounts are stored. BullGuard reads and connects to the subscription from here. You may have access to a specific number of modules like Backup or Spam filter, or the entire BullGuard, depending on the subscription you chose for yourself.

In order to change user on BullGuard without facing any login issues, you can go to your account via the settings in your BullGuard account and it will display the user that is currently logged in. Here, choose the change user option and log in with you BullGuard password and username. This will also be helpful in logging in again after resetting or changing your account details.

When your Internet Connection Fails

Certain users have complained that BullGuard does not connect to internet even when the internet connection works fine for everything else on the same system. This makes them worry whether BullGuard is even working or not. In such a scenario, it is best to uninstall BullGuard from your system, reboot it, and then install it again. This has shown to solve the problem for a majority of users.

I hope the users have got solution for all the log in related Bullguard issues and the software will now be running on their systems smoothly and for more informative content over Bullguard antivirus you can refer to these blog links given.

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