Features Offered by Free BullGuard Mobile Security App

The Best of the Best

There are various developers out there who are working in the field of monetization and advertisements. If they add a mobile protection app to their portfolio, it brings them instant publicity. This is irrespective of whether the app actually does what it claims or offers any security at all.

Recently, in a test of more than 200 security apps, BullGuard Mobile Security scored an impressive 100%. This competition was held among apps in the Android Play store by an independent testing lab. The basis of the test was to check all these apps against the most common malware threats that Android phones face, by simulating conditions from the real world.

AV comparatives, the lab behind the testing, also tested BullGuard’s internet security and other BullGuard products and gave it a Gold Malware Protection Award.

What can BullGuard do for you?

The mobile security provided by BullGuard provides a cloud based engine for antivirus. This makes sure that the engine stays up to date and protects against any new viruses and malware that may arise. It has an On-Access scan that scans apps automatically as soon as they are installed on your device and makes sure not to drain your battery.

If you also chose to pay for the app, you can extend this protection to 3 other devices and opt for a parental control that will safeguard your children. Both these versions have an elegant and simple design which is intuitive and makes the design easy to use. You can also easily navigate through the remote management controls and antitheft features.


BullGuard installation on your phone is an easy task that can be accomplished in only a few moments. The only equipment you need other than your phone is a working internet connection and that your phone should work with Android 4.0 and higher. Follow the following steps to download the app:

Step 1.
Download BullGuard from your Play store.

Step 2.
Click on Install. You will be presented with a list of actions that the application performs and the resources that it has access to.

Step 3.
Select Accept to agree to the terms and condition and continue. A progress bar will display the progress of the installation. While the installation is in progress, make sure that you do not let your phone get switched off or cancel the bar.

Step 4.
Once the process starts, it will only take a few minutes to end. When it finishes, you can start to use the security application for your phone. Select ‘Open’ to run the program and if you wish to use it later on, leave Play Store and restart it from your applications.

Once the Installation is complete, you will have access to the security app and all of its features. If you are looking for more blogs over BullGuard issues then you can also visit BullGuard Latest Blogs.