How to Fix BullGuard Connectivity Issues?

The antivirus industry is rapidly expanding and is densely populated. It thus becomes difficult to choose an antivirus that stands out. BullGuard has managed to throw the spotlight on itself despite the difficulties, with its remarkable customer service, simplified interface, tools that focus on antispam and other features that contribute towards early detection. It is useful in fighting against viruses , Torjans, rootkits, worms and spyware of several different kinds, and works on many versions of Windows, including the most recent one.

Apart from all this, there is also the added advantage of perpetual memory and disk scans in the hunt for any signs of viruses. BullGuard filters out spam and has an interface that is beyond easy to comprehend so even beginners can understand it easily. However, when something that takes care of so many things for you starts to have connectivity issues, it can really affect your work.

Unable to connect to site - A very common problem is that the site does not connect. It is possible that this is happening because ISP checks with the PC regularly about whether or not the internet is still in use when there is inactivity for a long amount of time. These packets that are sent by the ISP are blocked by BullGuard, which can cause the blockage of connection. In this case, click on the BullGuard icon on the system tray. Click on Firewall, then Overview and finally, select Advanced. In Profiles tab, select Custom Security and click on Application list in the window that will appear. In an empty row, right click and choose Add application.

Browse C:\Windows\System32, choose the file ntoskrnl.exe and click on Open. As this will create a new rule, you policy should be set to Allow after which, you can repeat the above steps, which will also ping.exe file. In the Advanced rules tab, click on Protocols twice in Ports & Protocols in the ICMP rule. In the drop down menu, select Entire traffic and mark Echo reply and Echo Request. Once you click OK, the changes will be confirmed, and then activate the profile labelled Custom Security. If need be, reboot your PC and see if you are still facing the same problem.

Sometimes, it so happens that games you were playing on full screen get minimised. This happens because BullGuard tries to keep you in the loop when a certain event is happening. This may be an attempt at port scanning, the implementation of an update, virus detection and so on. If you turn off all notifications related to this, it is most likely to solve the problem.

Update server connection issue - In this scenario the server cannot be reached even when the application works well with a connection that is also working normally. This may happen due to incorrect settings of a proxy server, alteration in connection settings of the internet, blockage of connection by the router, issues with the internet service provider and so on. All this needs to be looked into deeply to figure out the exact cause.

Sometimes, the service used by the application to transfer and connect data does not work as it should. This is when you see the message, ‘Cannot connect to update service’. It may have been caused by the issues or infections in Windows, or other similar causes. Turning to BullGuard support is the best alternative to turn to in such cases.

On the main screen, click on Support. The team is available for you via live chat or email. You can also turn to the product guides which should assist you through most minor and major troubles, including accessing account information, payments and subscription. The BullGuard Support Uk is free for anyone using BullGuard, irrespective of whether it is a trial account or paid account.

Chatting makes things easy and quick for you, along with establishing an immediate connection with the support team. A support technician will be with you in no time once you choose your language. Sending an email is extremely convenient. The email window that will open once you select this option will have the destination and subject already filled into it. This happens when you have already set up an email client. If not, a webpage will help you choose your destination after assessing your question.