How to fix some common Bullguard antivirus errors?

Bullguard is a brand that came into existence somewhere in the year 2002 that means this antivirus software is working towards the security of the systems from a long time period of more than a decade. The software is assembled with all the latest technologies and also all the updated features, and hence it is always seen performing its assigned task up to its full efficiency. Also, the software is popular among the users for its easy to use interface and is also popular for keeping the systems well protected from all types of malware, spyware, Trojans as well as from the dangerous viral attacks.

But, as all these types of software are made out of a complicated technical set up therefore, it is often seen that this software put the user into some or the other problem the issue can be related to the basic procedure of installation or can be related to the process of activation of the software or there are many other problems that can occur on a Bullguard antivirus error. Fixing all these problems becomes complicated for the users as they are usually not from proper technical backgrounds, therefore, in such a case it is advisable that the users ask help from the experts sitting at the help desk.

Here, we will particularly focus on the solutions of some of the very common errors that are faced by Bullguard users –

1. Security error codes on secure websites – If you have an active Bullguard software running on your system and still you are facing this then, in that case, you need to disable the interception of secure connections on some of the major websites for that the user needs to follow the below-given steps-

• Open the dashboard of the application.
• Then click on “settings” and on the top right of the panel enable the advanced view.
• After that go to “antivirus” and then click “safe browsing”
• Uncheck the “show safe results” option for the websites that are showing you an error message.

2. Scanner.exe error- If you are facing this particular error on your BullGuard antivirus software then in that case in order to get this issue fixed it is advisable that you follow the below-given steps-

• Get the registration entries repaired.
• Get a full malware scan done on the system.
• Clean out junk from the system.
• Get your system drivers updated.
• Undo all the recent changes made into the system.
• Then uninstall and then again get the software reinstalled.
• The run the system file checker.
• Get all the windows updates installed.
• hen get a clean installation of the windows done on the system.

3. Log in error – if you are facing any sort of problem while logging in of your BullGuard account then, in that case, the user should follow the below given steps –

• Go to the “start” menu.
• Then go to the control panel.
• Then click on “add or remove programs”
• Then in the list search for Bullguard and remove it from there.

Once you will get the software removed then a message will appear asking you if you wish to keep the current settings ensure that you select “no” after that get a reboot conducted on the system and then get the software installed again.

Almost all the common errors that the user gets to face while using Bullguard software on the system has been covered in details if followed in the same manner the guide will then make the working of the software very easy to understand for the users and very smooth for running on the system.