How to repair Bullguard antivirus not working properly?

Nowadays the risk for the systems getting affected by unwanted elements such as Malware, Spyware, Trojans and viral attacks is increasing day by day and therefore the only solution the users are left with when it comes to protecting their systems from all such attacks is an antivirus software being installed on the system. But, just installing security software on the system and then forgetting it has never helped the users much it is necessary that the users keep the software well maintained and free from all types of technical glitches and errors. As a software that will be free from all errors and issues will only be able to work efficiently in the hour of need.

BullGuard antivirus is a name that is serving in the system security market from a long time period and over the years this software has got a good place for itself in the market, but it is often seen that the users are stuck into the technicalities of this software and hence find it difficult to conduct a troubleshoot of the software when the need arises.

Here we will provide the users with a guide over the troubleshooting steps of some of the issues related to the software due to which the software fails to work as per the user’s expectation.

Not scanning properly – if in case you are not able to scan your system for viruses through Bullguard antivirus then, in that case, the things you need to check are –
• Ensure that the software is properly installed on the system.
• Ensure that you are using the latest version of the software.
• Ensure that you have got the software activated.

If all these things are right in place then the last thing that a user can do is uninstalling the software and then again getting it reinstalled.

Bullguard hangs the system – if you just finished installing BullGuard on your system and your system is now freezing or if it’s hanged then to get that fixed follow the given steps –
• Uninstall the software from the system.
• Do not save any settings as the prompt asks you your preference while uninstalling the software.
• After that get your system restarted.
• Then again install Bullguard antivirus on your system.

The above-given procedure if followed accurately will get the issue resolved and the system, as well as the software, will be back to normal working.
If still the issue continues then an alternative fix for the issue is –
• Get the ADW cleaner downloaded on the system.
• Then with the help of the tool run a scan on the system.
• Once the scanning process completes ten press “clean”
• Agree to all the prompts that you get to see on the screen.
• Then conduct a reboot on your system.
• After that post the scan log.

Bullguard not starting minimized – In order to get this issue fixed the user needs to conduct an update on the software. For conducting an update the user just has to open the software and in the main window has to click on the “update” button given in the top right corner of the window.

Disabling Bullguard pop-ups- For disabling Bullguard pop-ups the user should follow the given steps –
• Open the software and go to the firewall section.
• Click on the overview tab and then set the user level to “advanced”.
• Then go to the logs tab.
• From the top right corner select “security log”
• Right click on the IP address that is trying to scan the ports on your system
• Ban that particular IP address.
• Go to the profiles tab.
• Right click “custom security”.
• In the window that appears click “ Automatically block intruders for X seconds”
• Get a larger number inserted in the field.

An alternative method for disabling the pop-ups from the system is discussed in the given steps –
• Open BullGuard console.
• Further, go to the firewall section.
• Then click “profiles tab”
• Then double click “custom profile” as it opens then go to the notifications tab.
• In the section “when a security event occurs” then uncheck “display a security notification” option.

The annoying popups won’t appear on the screen anymore.

Deleting the temporary folder from Bullguard- For deleting the temporary folders from Bullguard antivirus follow the given steps –
• Open the software.
• Then go to settings.
• In the settings menu click “advanced” then click “general”
• Then go to main and there uncheck the option “Allow BullGuard to protect its components against termination”
• Restart the system and get the file deleted.

The blog covers all the possible resolutions to fix the software if it is not working properly. However, if you still need any sort of help or support then connect with the experts at Bullguard Help Number UK.