What are the features of updated Bullguard antivirus 2019?

Bullguard is the security software that is known in the market for providing the systems with efficient security against all types of malware, spyware, Trojans and viral attacks. These unwanted elements have become very dominating in this technologically advanced era of 21st century. Therefore, such security software has become basic requirements of the systems these days.

Bullguard is an antivirus that is working in the market from a long time period of more than a decade, and therefore, this is the most trusted software in the market and is known for its efficient protection providing designing and also this is one software that has grown itself a lot in the past few years in terms of techniques and also in terms of features. Therefore, it often becomes confusing for the users to deal with the new updates that this software offers to the users.

Therefore, here we will discuss detailing of the newly added features to the updated version of Bullguard 2019.

• Vulnerability scanner- This particular feature, makes it easy for the user to get any security related issue detected. The user interface added in the updated version provides the users with all the important information related to any threat also it helps the users in automatically updating the applications along with conducting a checking of the applications if there is any virus or any other threat associated with the application that is to be downloaded.

• Game Booster - This particular features allow the game addict users to get better results while gaming; this feature helps the user in blocking the unnecessary disturbing pop-up notifications. Game Booster allows the users to get the best experience also during heavy gaming on the system.

• Parental control - This particular feature has developed itself as the Apple of each and every user’s eye, as this particular feature helps the users in keeping their children safe and secure from all the online risk that the children can get stuck into. This is one particular feature that is increasing the sales graph of this software in the market at an efficient speed.

• Behavioral detection - This feature very easily keeps an eye on daily behavior of the users and thus further keeps the system well updated and also provides the software with better ability to deal with all the threats and problems that the system can get stuck into.

• NextGen Anti Malware - This particular feature well in advance keeps a record of all the trusted websites and thus gets an uninterrupted connection established. It also keeps proper regular scanning of the sites which further helps the users in getting maximum security results.

• Home Network scanner - This particular feature keeps an eye on the network on a whole and provides the best scan of the same on each and every device. This feature of Bullguard works on the system 24*7. As and when a new device comes into contact with the network the scanner automatically gets into deep scanning and also status check.

• Identity protection - This feature helps in keeping all the data safe from all the hackers and thus the computer is kept safe from all the cyber crimes. As and when this feature will find out registered detail of the user is leaked immediately it will alert the users through Email or through text message.

• Improved Firewall - The new Bullguard firewall provides added layers for protection and also the new firewall is well compatible with Windows 10 operating system. The new firewall is designed in a way that it optimizes the use of CPU powers which further keeps the other applications running on the system smoothly.

This blog provides all the important information related to the latest version of BullGuard antivirus there is no stone left unturned.