Why is Bullguard considered as the best antivirus software?


BullGuard is an antivirus which is effective in catching every possible virus and has a power pact parental control. Recovery and sharing of files and back up are extremely easy, thanks to how advanced the backup is. More significantly, BullGuard takes protection of identity very seriously. The firewall makes sure to tackle all of the malicious and unauthorized traffic that comes your device’s way and the spam filter keeps all the spam, junk and pishing away from your inbox. Moreover, it will also look for any vulnerabilities before hackers become aware of them and attempt to attack them.

Independent labs have declared BullGuard to be the best antivirus software due to the amalgamation of best in the world behavioral detection and signature based detection. The multi layered defense provided to you thus becomes capable of taking down all sorts of viruses before they aim at you. The unauthorized programs and applications that enter into your system to modify its settings can also bring change to the home page, browser settings and change your default search engine. BullGuard flags these programs and prevents them from becoming the boss.

It also affects the level of safety at which you browse through the net. Websites often have malicious codes hidden in them. Clicking on an unsafe link may infect the PC and compromise the data. Bull Guard warns you about these dangers beforehand and keeps your PC protected in yet another way.

A significant factor that often works against antivirus software is that they slow down the system they are installed in. BullGuard on the other hand, has been designed with this is consideration, so the computer maintains its original speed and performance. This also means that the use will not have to alter their style of working or gaming for the sake of safety.


BullGuard offers Internet security and Premium protection, both of which do a great job at tagging dangerous search results and have amazing facilities for parental controls. The most significance difference between them is the number of licenses that are available. BullGuard allows you network protection, a facility that lets you keep an eye on every single device that is connected to your internet connection. This includes smart devices like Google Home or Amazon’s echo, thermostats, baby monitors and other smart appliances. The parental controls are extremely aggressive, blocking out anything that a child must not come across or have access to. Of course, the foremost concern is to block anything that hinders their safety.

Since both have a vulnerability scanner and a private firewall, they have a high detection score. The weak spots of the system, like any outdates software or your internet connection are monitored, so that ransomware and hackers cannot exploit your system.

The software also offers a gamer mode that needs to be manually enabled. This makes it possible for you to play games without worrying about the window getting minimised or any other types of interruptions. Pop up notifications or virus scans are both suspended when a user is watching online videos or playing games on the PC. Of course, your computer is still protected against any threats from the internet. What is the best part of all this is that your system’s resources are not heavily taxed as a result of this protection. This means a lesser lag. The tool is more important than one might think because in its absence, antivirus software can use the resources of the computer without any accountability. This increases during the virus scans, which may cause drags.


Bullguard does not present much of a challenge when it comes to its usability. All you have to do is go online and create an account. You do not need to install any other software. You have the option of choosing annual or monthly fees, and you receive immediate alerts through email and texts when you need to take steps to protect your data.

It works well on every device and operating systems, as long as they are connected to the internet. Bullguard support is available every day all day and it allows you to add as many details as you want to.